Saturday, August 28, 2010

Re-assessed & Progress.

Last night I had a change of thought & decided to unpick the entire stitching on the present piece of Floba. After all, I can get started faster with most of the gridding already done, with a few repairs.
In the meantime the photo promised from last week.

The light is not good on the second hexagon row, although this photo is better than the one I took earlier, which had too much colour reflection from the walls and curtains. It is getting harder to capture a full shot as more is stitched. Perhaps now would be a good time to install my Flannel board in the sewing room, for future photos.


  1. WOW Kay this is coming along beautifully..Love your are such a patient lady but it will be well worth all this hand stitching when completed....What is the actual size of each hexagon???????

  2. I thought I had replied to this Crazybeads, :(

    Thank you for your kind comments.
    The hexagons are approximately 2" so many to make & stitch together. I have a friens who is making an entire quilt from 1/2'' ones in Liberty fabric. Think I will pass on that one although it does look so beautiful, and she only started last year.