Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to the Quilt.

I am happy to say, as many others can attest, one can always be uplifted when immersed in stitching, Whether it be patchwork, quilting, crossstitch, embroidery or, one of the other many choices available with needle & thread. No doubt, artists would say the same about having colour and paint brush to hand. For that matter, I know it is the same for whatever pastime brings you joy and banishes all other thoughts. I am truly grateful to be able to play with colour, which happens to be fabrics, in this instance. As promised earlier this week, the hexagon progress photo. I hope you enjoy seeing how it is coming along. It is a much more demanding task, timewise, than I first envisaged, although there is nothing quite like a challenge. :) As it comes together I am inspired to achieve more, towards the completion.

Yesterday a friend came for lunch & some shared stitching & chat time. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, such a treat, after all the wet weather since May. I managed to cut out 150 hexagon templates, ready for covering, only managing to cover thirty last night. A tad more than that, needed before the next section goes together.


  1. WOW ...this is going to look beautiful when finished, cant wait to see it xx

  2. Hello Kay! How nice of you to visit my blog and take the time to leave a comment... I love the quilt you are working on--what a beauty!!