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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Three More Splendid Sampler Blocks.

Three more blocks ticked off the "to do" list from my The Splendid Sampler project. That puts me at about half way or just over, thankfully  inspiring one to keep going at the present pace.

 The blocks are in no particular order.  Some have been prepared since they were released, other are done as  I chose. Perhaps I will follow the second version group as they progress this year. More inspiration to keep on with this wonderful adventure.

 This wee purse block is ever so cute,  it does needs to have the background  trimmed to size.

 Both of the two blocks above used scraps from two previous quilts, a Baltimore & a hexagon quilt, from some years ago

 The block below is made using three fabrics from my late Mother's collection. They are,. the black with white pin spot, the purple floral & plain deep purple. The green, along with the mustard & white spot, from my own collection. One doesn't realize, how little one uses when trying to de-stash.


ODW May Challenge & Other Completions. .

The One Day Wonder Challenge for May was to stitch something on a band. Although I have a collection of band fabrics , I could not locate  them, so I improvised. Below is what I did incorporating the challenge into a Splendid Sampler block.

I was very pleased with my choice & it was finished long before show & tell time. 

I've managed to complete several other items , some are gifts, like the bag & mobile phone case

I also knitted a caramel, grey & brown scarf,  however  I forgot to  photograph that  gift.  There are  three  more TSS blocks completed although those too, need to be photographed.Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Significant Completion.

 Another completion from The Splendid Sample, which for me, is also a tribute to a Very Dear Aunt.

Satin stitch embroidery has not been something I have done in probably, a couple of decades..I had a very good reason to check that I could still do this stitch. Although simple, it does need to be even and well placed within the designated outline.  . While we were visiting home last year, a  dear Aunt, gave me one of her unfinished embroidered table cloths. .My Aunt recalled, as a very small child the design had been of particular fascination for me This being the very reason she wanted me to have this piece of her work to complete,  along with my delight in this kind of needlework.

Over the many moons since that time, I had the forgotten  the cloth.. When my Aunt produced the item I immediately remembered the design.  I looked at it recently & wondered however I would be able to produce such beautiful Satin stitches, to compliment  the exquisite stitching already on the table cloth, by my Aunt.  I feel a tad more confident having completed this particular block consisting of much Satin stitch, along with a patchwork border.

The significant part is that today,  May 23rd, 2017 in the Southern Hemisphere, my  very dear Aunt is celebrating her 90th birthday. I finished the embroidery last night & the patchwork borders  were attached to complete the block, this morning. I've been blessed to have seven  aunts, four of  my late, very dear Mother's, sisters & a SIL, along with two sisters of my late Father. I'm very lucky to still have my Mother's two younger sisters.

This block below #20, from the online adventure called,  "The Splendid Sampler."  by Pat Sloan & Jane Davidson.  A wonderful quilting, stitching & learning adventure from last year, which is about to start again in a few days. Details, photographs, participants,  sign ups, along  with the  Wonderful Splendid Sampler  book,  can be found here,


Monday, May 22, 2017

Completed Patchwork Blocks.

                  These  blocks are recent completions from "The Splendid Sampler" quilt project.

 The embroidery has provided many relaxing hours over the last couple of months. I've enjoyed catching up on these, with colour choices, to match the existing blocks from  the quilt.

 An Hawiian style block

and one more for now. This one to make me both proud & Homesick


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ODW Challenge.

This is the One Day Challenge, only for this purpose, it is a challenge to be done in a one month period. For the month of April, the theme was,
" Something that reminded you of April or, seeing Easter fell in April this year, an Easter theme."

I planned to do a small cross stitch piece, which had been in my stash for about 10 years. I had made a working copy, done the grid work on the linen & chosen some of the threads. Somewhere in those ten years, the preparation was separated from the chart. I couldn't find the chart nor remember the name of the designer, what the coloured chart looked like  or, who/where the chart came from .  Lesson here, is to make a note when you purchase a chart & keep the details in a secure spot. Needless to say I abandoned that project, yet again. Let's hope the chart turns up sometime soon, as in a previous situation, with another chart & threads..

My stitched piece for this occasion is another of my blocks from The Splendid Sampler, quilt project from Pat Sloan &amp Jane Davidson, a fellow Australian. This is a wonderful online quilting escapade, which lasted one year, from  February 2016 to February this year, for participants who joined for the first round of this  project. The project is continuing for the next round, a slightly different format with the release of  The Splendid Sampler Book.
Here is my  wee block project for April.