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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wet Weather Stitching and Planning.

The wet weather continues as I stitch more on my hexagon quilt. Guess it is the right kind of weather for sitting indoors and stitching on this project. Here is progress so far, with the proposed look of how the centre will eventually be surrounded by the background of hexagons.

I decided to re-arrange the previous group of hexagons, so they needed to be reverse stitched :) :). They are now together in a different sequence, as I work across and down in sections. I am happier about this method, it is still a mammoth task, although rythmic and enjoyable.

I have a couple of stitched gifts to complete, which have been languishing in my "to do" pile, while I try to select the correct finishing threads and fabrics. I have a square to do for our local Guild birthday celebrations, and it needs to be completed in less than two weeks.

I have done very little cross stitching of late, although I have three new small charts from gifts. They await my attention, after the current one is completed.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Gift or Two.

On Friday morning I received a call from the "Fabulous Five" singing me Happy Birthday. Such a delight to hear & have the memory, to remind me of their joyful rendition, throughout the day. A wee chat with Lucy and kisses over the phone from Jeremy. I had a call from Matthew who was in Inverell, and shortly after from Felicity in Sydney.
I also received three beautiful flowering bulbs, Hyacinths, in a pretty blue .
A beautiful gift of three cross stitch kits for needle rolls. Thank you Felicity, I am thrilled.

How about these cute gifts?
A selection of cat magnets for the refrigerator door! A perfect gift for a cat lover.
Hugs and kisses, thank you Nicholas.
A set of stacking Dolls! The only kind, none other than Matroyshka dolls, another favourite, to add to my collection. These are different and very useful as measuring cups, and kitchen decorations. Hugs & kisses and thank you, Josh'.

Because I am very fond of dragon Flies, I received a beautiful card and a sweet gift both depicting dragon flies, from DD#2. The circular gift unfolds to become a handbag holder. Thank you Felicity.

Thanks to Steve and Louise for a delicious Birthday Dinner Party.

One of my dearest friends sent me a funny wee book about stress, All sayings TIC. ( toungue in cheek), but it gave a great laugh. Thank you dear friend, Gay.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Cross Stitch Fabrics.& earlier completions.

These are four fabrics which arrived in the mail this week.
All from Enchanted Fabrics and I was thrilled when I opened the parcel. The colours are beautiful, although strong, this photo does not do them justice.They are for no specific chart, just wanted to have some on hand.

This is a small stitch I completed for Thanks Giving, last year. It is stitched with Six Strands Sweet, name escapes me, however it is in a very soft grey, although it does look like a mauve in the photo.

The next two photos are pieces I stitched for my dear husband for Valentine's Day this year. The first was a gift from a cherished, fellow cross stitcher friend. Thank you Karen. I really love the design and the specified colours. I have a small key to stitch to it before it is framed.

The second is a popular "freebie design" from the web, and I choose to stitch
it in a hand dyed, blue.

The is Long Spider, stitched two years ago. It was a very quick, fun, stitch and I passed on the chart to another stitcher .

Below is the progress on the background hexagons.