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Friday, January 3, 2014

First New Moon Tusal Check In.

My efforts so far are very small. Just the left over threads from frogging, on top of the jar, where I miss counted by one thread. Let's hope it is not an indication of "Reverse Stitiching" for the year to come.
From the PS chart in the background, the start or should I say reverse start, was with the one in the top right of the photo. Check back at the end of the month for my progress.

2014 Tusal.

Here is the link, let's hope I get it right

Can you guess that I plan to do allot of stitching this year ? My Ort jar is a large one, to accommodate all the
odd random threads leftover from embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork clippings & other random threads. I've joined the 2014 Tusal again this year, so I'm hoping to actually participate somewhat more than the last couple of years.
I also plan to do more of the ornament a month designs, for my wonderful new tree, made for me this season, especially for such items..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Time to Enjoy the Christmas Cake.

My Christmas Cake needs to be cut today, otherwise it will seem like Christmas did not happen. We have enjoyed Christmas cake this Christmas, although it has been in the form of gifts, from other folk. Either a coffee or a cup of tea will go well this afternoon, as we wait for the rain to stop in the Venus Williams match, being televised from Auckland.
Maybe a start on a 2014 Christmas ornament could be the way to go while waiting, or perhaps I could make a start on this Fritillary. The colours I've chosen are some of my favourite shades.


Welcome 2014.

Happy New Year..

The New Year has just arrived, here in New Zealand. We watched many fireworks across the city, mostly domestic varieties, as our local council has been the original Gringe with Christmas decorations & festivities this year. Nevertheless, I'll chose to be joyful, grateful & uplifted, with all my blessings.
To all who stop by this blog, I wish a Very Happy New Year to you & yours.