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Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Winter Coat.

A new winter coat it will be!

While in the city on Wednesday I selected a pattern for a coat. I also noticed a rather lovely cream fabric. IMHO, it seemed just the right sort of thing for the coat pattern I had chosen. No rash decisions. Instead, I came home viewed the instructions, phoned the store and asked about the quality and the
self pattern contrast within the weave of the fabric. After some contemplation, I returned to the store today and purchased a tad more than stipulated on the pattern envelope. I checked out lining, although one was of a similar colour, I decided more thought was needed. The plan is to have the coat completed before this winter ends. Progress photos will keep me inspired, once it is cut out and under way.

I have made some headway with the hexagons, the top left hand corner will be together, by bed time this evening. A photograph tomorrow, for an update. Over the weekend I will need to replenish my store of cardboard hexagons, so much cutting needs to be done before I can cover the next group. The right hand corner, seems to be the next logical section to accomplish.

Monday, July 26, 2010

As July draws to an end.

Amongst the daily chores, a small amount of stitching filled a couple of hours, over the last week. I finished the embroidery on a gift, found fabrics, which had been eluding me and re arranged one of the book shelves in my sewing room.

This afternoon was spent immersing myself in times long gone, viewing our collection of photographs. Amazingly, by late afternoon, I had been reminded of wonderful times, celebrations, family gatherings, parents & grandparents, and fun times with school friends. I relived some of the times depicted in the photographs, as I remebered fondly, those events. What a great tonic! The object of the search was an upcoming birthday celebration, for one of our children.

Instead of deciding on one of my current WIP's, as an interlude, while continuing the hexagons, I have decided to pick up some dress making/tailoring. I am thinking an evening top or, perhaps a coat. The next step is to choose patterns, & notions. I already have two fabrics, suitable for tops, so coating fabric needs to be sourced, for such a garment.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Thank you to all those folk who have so kindly become followers or left comments. My plan has always been to be diligent with my creativity posts, however I am human and can fail to follow, even my best intentions.

Speaking of Visitors, a photo above of the very pretty feathered kind.

These are Australian Native birds, called Rainbow Lorikeets. They are often friendly, when food is offered. These two are part of a local flock which visit morning and evening, and walk backwards & forwards along the sitting room windowsil. As soon as anyone inside moves in the direction of the kitchen they fly to that windowsil. They create quite a noise outside the window, annoucing it is time for their treat. My DD#2, feeds them a special vitamin enriched liquid, especially prepared for their species. As they are nectar & fruit eaters, some folk, mistakenly feed them sugar in water. Over a period of time, the adults who have been fed this, produce young who are unable to stand or use their wings. They are often very cheeky & when they have been feasting on rotting fruit, they are very comical, (drunk) after consuming the fermenting pulp.

Today we were informed our car will be out of action for about ten weeks. Oh dear! We will need to consider obtaining a "beats walkin" of some description, preferably an automatic version, after yesterday in DD's manual. IMHO it is totally unsuitable for the roadways in Wellington, even tho many folk must drive in this mode.. I did learn to drive on such a vehicle, realising very quickly, automation was a much more pleasurable, driving experience. To each his own. Without my wee chariot, there will be more time at home to stitch. This afternoon I felt a distinct inclinatiion to start, or perhaps I should say, continue, with a WIP. I do need a small distraction. So, which will it be from the many awaiting my attention?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Progress on Hexagons.

Work is continuing on sections of the background hexagons. I have decided to add more fabrics than I used in the centre pane, drawing these from my stash. I always enjoy this part of the quilt proceedure. Fondling fabrics takes much time, before a final selection is reached.

Last week was the first week of school holidays and yet again, it was raining and miserable. We took the boys up the coast, for lunch. When we were returning home we were rear ended. A driver behind, was rubbernecking, and missed seeing the traffic in front had stopped. My car has a badly damaged hatch door, requiring repairs. We are currently waiting on spare parts so it is booked in for next week. We will be on Shank's pony for two weeks. Outdoor escapades will only be local or, within the public transport destinations. Hopefully I will be able to stitch up a storm in those two weeks.

I love the rain and the cold weather, but with rain since the 19th of May & only glimpses of sunshine, even my tolerance levels are somewhat stretched. However, there are delights to be found in the gloom. I felt blessed to be able to look out the windows over the weekend, as I sat stitching, to see the beauty of the snowcapped Rimutakas in the distance, beyond the harbour. I hope you can share my delight with this photo.