Monday, July 26, 2010

As July draws to an end.

Amongst the daily chores, a small amount of stitching filled a couple of hours, over the last week. I finished the embroidery on a gift, found fabrics, which had been eluding me and re arranged one of the book shelves in my sewing room.

This afternoon was spent immersing myself in times long gone, viewing our collection of photographs. Amazingly, by late afternoon, I had been reminded of wonderful times, celebrations, family gatherings, parents & grandparents, and fun times with school friends. I relived some of the times depicted in the photographs, as I remebered fondly, those events. What a great tonic! The object of the search was an upcoming birthday celebration, for one of our children.

Instead of deciding on one of my current WIP's, as an interlude, while continuing the hexagons, I have decided to pick up some dress making/tailoring. I am thinking an evening top or, perhaps a coat. The next step is to choose patterns, & notions. I already have two fabrics, suitable for tops, so coating fabric needs to be sourced, for such a garment.

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