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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fruits of our Labour.

We set up this planter box 2.5 months ago in early Spring. The weather has not been warm enough for any fruit from the tomato plants. However the lettuce plants are prolific, we eat from their bounty  almost daily.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stitching Progress

I've managed to complete three blocks so far this week,  amid Christmas  preparations.
I'm thrilled with the blocks from this project, each one anticipated with delight.  One never knows when a wonderful bonus block, like the two below, will be added to the mix..

. Slightly uneven cropping for this candle block photo.

This cake block, commemorates the birthday of one of the organizers of this TSS project.

The first of the embroidery blocks, that I've completed. There are a few more to do & I'm really enjoying the variety of the blocks, from all the designers from this adventure.

 Progress for me from last week. I've many to do to catch up at this stage. They are yet to be set,  further along .the track, although I do have in mind how I want it to go together.
Enjoy. K.

Monday, November 28, 2016

TSS Progress

Ive' managed to complete a few more blocks for The Splendid Sampler, in the last couple of days. They are mostly appliqued, a favourite method for me, although a pieced block is in the mix. I'm doing embroidered ones at the moment so after those , I'm moving on to a couple of foundation pieced blocks.

The first one is a blousey single rose with mottled pink fabric, petals..
 This one has a Kaffe Fasett fabric for the centre, with batiks for the outer hexagons..
 I'm alternating the majority of the background squares between  black & white pin spot & or, a Black & white striped fabric, with some coloured exceptions, as in the acorn below.
As this is a scrap quilt I have enjoyed incorporating some fabric scraps from previous quilts


Friday, November 18, 2016

Hexagon Happy

Another block from The Splendid Sampler. I  do enjoy stitching hexagons, as is probably more than evident from my hexagon quilt & subsequent projects. I'm a great fan of colour & have loved  the variety of block patterns that allow me to indulge.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

More Completed Splendid Sampler Blocks

 I've been trying to catch up with my TSS Blocks. Ambitious I know when I'm 50 behind, :)  however, slowly the saying goes. How I'm enjoying this creative journey, seeing the creative interpretations of each block from the other members, along with their help & very kind comments. Here are my latest completions.
This pattern was for a squirrel. Being a proud Australian, I decided to feature a Koala holding a pink gum blossom instead of the squirrel.
This is an embroidered block, one of the many embroidery blocks I've yet to complete.

This one is composed of selvage edges, such a great idea & I love being able to use the many coloured fabrics I've chosen for this project.

I'm adding these while we are having loads of after shocks from yesterday's earthquake. Can you tell I'm not concentrating well?  a 5.8 just now.   :(:(    I've forgotten to edit the photos just trying t get everything uploaded for now.  Another 5.7 Enjoy this sparkly cup cake.

I do hope the designer of this preservatives block forgives me for using this fabric. I have had it in my fabric stash for 20 + years, instead of the pieced block that was offered.. I just couldn't resit this one with the label showing "Joan's".... I can see that jar needs to be leveled, perhaps the earthquakes  are influencing my placement.

 I imagined with this block, that I might start to do the blocks as they arrive,. Well, it is a plan at any rate. :)  Enjoy.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016 Halloween Ornament Exchange.

This is my Halloween, cross stitch ornament for t2016 to my exchange partner Eileen. This year I didn't manage to stitch one for myself, something to achieve, for later.

I received this  beautifully stitched ornament of a witch, which I love. Also in my parcel were some scary ear rings & this wee spooky bag. Many thanks Eileen. 

Monday, October 31, 2016


I've neglected posting here over the last few months. Life has dealt other priorities.
I have managed a meagre amount of stitching, mostly patchwork & some cross stitching.

I'm participating in an online patchwork programme called 'The Splendid Sampler.' I'm a
tad behind the current block, #75. Like life, it is a journey, not a race.  Two 6" blocks are released each week, with occasional bonus blocks. I'm enjoying  it immensely, along with the talent & interpretation of each block, from the many members. Some of my blocks below, to enjoy.

I've also completed two annual  cross stitch exchange ornaments & received mine from my . exchange partners. Photos of those, next post.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

January catch up & February ODW Challenge.

The goal for stitching these challenges each month, has been to use small patterns from one's large collection of what is known as "freebie" charts. I'm grateful that these charts are available from many generous cross stitch designers. I'm also very grateful to  the Challenge organizer & those  kind stitchers who share the freebie sites. 
Here is the February ODW Challenge, the subject was "Heart's Desire."  When it came time to chose a chart I mistakenly thought it was "Love,"  hence this one, from The Primitive Hare.

It has been completed into a small pillow.
The January Challenge was "Snow"
This design is from Raise the Roof designers, thank you ladies & from a JCS Christmas Ornament Preview magazine. I love this one. It appeals to my sense of the ridiculous & can be added to another of such themed completions. ( "Queen of Procrastination.")
  It is stitched on pale blue "Babbling Brook" Jobelan even weave fabric.  I used a non specified gold thread for the crown, which was difficult to work. This is yet to be made into a small ornament, to add to my Christmas  tree collection.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agapanthus & Fabric

I ventured into the garden yesterday to pick fresh flowers for the house. I've been waiting for the Agapanthus to flower, this year they are much later than last year. The Shasta daisies have also started to bloom & provide a lovely contrast, among the blues of the Agapanthus & the deep green of the leaves of both. I usually have a display like this for Christmas, however seeing they bloomed so late, it is now the time for them to be enjoyed.

I find fresh flowers in the home change the ambience & certainly lift my spirits.
The Australian Tennis Open  started two days ago, which is always part of my summer ritual. It starts later here, 1pm as opposed to 11am at home. I have time to do the chores before it starts, then at the moment, pop in to watch, while doing paper & fabric sorting & eliminating. I've been working on patchwork  & searching for a special piece of
fabric I need, for one of my sleeping beauties. This particular fabric had eluded me for a couple of weeks, as I checked the stash. I'd been searching for what I thought was a folded piece of this fabric.  I've had it for many years, a Jinny Beyer, which I'm pretty sure is no longer available.  I wanted to prepare the fabric for placement on a specific block. This morning, when I was packing up the fabrics, I realised I'd been looking over what I needed. I've had the fabric prepared forever, and stored right there with all the fabrics for this quilt.
Can you imagine my delight when I found it already prepared & wound safely on a roll?
What joy! I'm very grateful, as it does take time to prepare. Another item off my to do list & a completed block in sight, after tennis watching this evening..

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year UFO Project or Projects?

Cross stitch, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, painting, dress making?
Plenty to chose from with anything with hand needlework as the predominant area for selection.
This year I'm planning to start 2016 with Patchwork. I have a major piece,  needing my attention. In order to have it completed, I'll need to hand quilt it after the top is finished. This particular item has been languishing  in my "to do' collection, partially completed, for several years, so now is the time to bring it out & get it done. I'm sure there will be moments when I'll need a distraction, other than patchwork or quilting. I certainly won't be bored with all the choices life has to offer.

I've been working on this piece trying to have it completed  by the start of the year. Now moved from the "to do" list,  as the first completion for 2016, to make a total of 10 Shepherd's Bush stockings.

The photo is not good, another try  later. For now, it is very subtle in colouring, I did change some of the colour choices & I'm thrilled with how it actually looks. I've moved on to the quilt, progressing slowly, keeping enthusiastic.