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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agapanthus & Fabric

I ventured into the garden yesterday to pick fresh flowers for the house. I've been waiting for the Agapanthus to flower, this year they are much later than last year. The Shasta daisies have also started to bloom & provide a lovely contrast, among the blues of the Agapanthus & the deep green of the leaves of both. I usually have a display like this for Christmas, however seeing they bloomed so late, it is now the time for them to be enjoyed.

I find fresh flowers in the home change the ambience & certainly lift my spirits.
The Australian Tennis Open  started two days ago, which is always part of my summer ritual. It starts later here, 1pm as opposed to 11am at home. I have time to do the chores before it starts, then at the moment, pop in to watch, while doing paper & fabric sorting & eliminating. I've been working on patchwork  & searching for a special piece of
fabric I need, for one of my sleeping beauties. This particular fabric had eluded me for a couple of weeks, as I checked the stash. I'd been searching for what I thought was a folded piece of this fabric.  I've had it for many years, a Jinny Beyer, which I'm pretty sure is no longer available.  I wanted to prepare the fabric for placement on a specific block. This morning, when I was packing up the fabrics, I realised I'd been looking over what I needed. I've had the fabric prepared forever, and stored right there with all the fabrics for this quilt.
Can you imagine my delight when I found it already prepared & wound safely on a roll?
What joy! I'm very grateful, as it does take time to prepare. Another item off my to do list & a completed block in sight, after tennis watching this evening..

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