Wednesday, March 2, 2016

January catch up & February ODW Challenge.

The goal for stitching these challenges each month, has been to use small patterns from one's large collection of what is known as "freebie" charts. I'm grateful that these charts are available from many generous cross stitch designers. I'm also very grateful to  the Challenge organizer & those  kind stitchers who share the freebie sites. 
Here is the February ODW Challenge, the subject was "Heart's Desire."  When it came time to chose a chart I mistakenly thought it was "Love,"  hence this one, from The Primitive Hare.

It has been completed into a small pillow.
The January Challenge was "Snow"
This design is from Raise the Roof designers, thank you ladies & from a JCS Christmas Ornament Preview magazine. I love this one. It appeals to my sense of the ridiculous & can be added to another of such themed completions. ( "Queen of Procrastination.")
  It is stitched on pale blue "Babbling Brook" Jobelan even weave fabric.  I used a non specified gold thread for the crown, which was difficult to work. This is yet to be made into a small ornament, to add to my Christmas  tree collection.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agapanthus & Fabric

I ventured into the garden yesterday to pick fresh flowers for the house. I've been waiting for the Agapanthus to flower, this year they are much later than last year. The Shasta daisies have also started to bloom & provide a lovely contrast, among the blues of the Agapanthus & the deep green of the leaves of both. I usually have a display like this for Christmas, however seeing they bloomed so late, it is now the time for them to be enjoyed.

I find fresh flowers in the home change the ambience & certainly lift my spirits.
The Australian Tennis Open  started two days ago, which is always part of my summer ritual. It starts later here, 1pm as opposed to 11am at home. I have time to do the chores before it starts, then at the moment, pop in to watch, while doing paper & fabric sorting & eliminating. I've been working on patchwork  & searching for a special piece of
fabric I need, for one of my sleeping beauties. This particular fabric had eluded me for a couple of weeks, as I checked the stash. I'd been searching for what I thought was a folded piece of this fabric.  I've had it for many years, a Jinny Beyer, which I'm pretty sure is no longer available.  I wanted to prepare the fabric for placement on a specific block. This morning, when I was packing up the fabrics, I realised I'd been looking over what I needed. I've had the fabric prepared forever, and stored right there with all the fabrics for this quilt.
Can you imagine my delight when I found it already prepared & wound safely on a roll?
What joy! I'm very grateful, as it does take time to prepare. Another item off my to do list & a completed block in sight, after tennis watching this evening..

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year UFO Project or Projects?

Cross stitch, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, painting, dress making?
Plenty to chose from with anything with hand needlework as the predominant area for selection.
This year I'm planning to start 2016 with Patchwork. I have a major piece,  needing my attention. In order to have it completed, I'll need to hand quilt it after the top is finished. This particular item has been languishing  in my "to do' collection, partially completed, for several years, so now is the time to bring it out & get it done. I'm sure there will be moments when I'll need a distraction, other than patchwork or quilting. I certainly won't be bored with all the choices life has to offer.

I've been working on this piece trying to have it completed  by the start of the year. Now moved from the "to do" list,  as the first completion for 2016, to make a total of 10 Shepherd's Bush stockings.

The photo is not good, another try  later. For now, it is very subtle in colouring, I did change some of the colour choices & I'm thrilled with how it actually looks. I've moved on to the quilt, progressing slowly, keeping enthusiastic.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cape Palliser.

Recently, with friends in town, we visited the lighthouse at Cape Palliser.  It was quite a drive from the city of Wellington, over the Rimutaka range, then out to the coast about 60 klms away. It was a lovely sunny, Spring day with not too much wind. We stopped along the way as we spotted a weekender which obviously had been undermined by a ravaging sea. Where we stopped to photograph on the nearby beach, many household items were washed up & scattered about 100 metres from what was left of the building. The water looked so calm, it was hard to think that the sea had caused such devastation, for a family.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for weeks. Having trouble with blogger, won't let me add  the photos. I haven't also been able to re establish my blog list, for months.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Time To Dismantle the Halloeween Decorations

My  Halloween ornaments have been gracing our foyer for a month. After providing much delight it is now time to pack them away until next October. I've added to the collection this year, with the annual  Halloween ornament exchange,  along with a couple of extra pieces of my liking.

                       I do love the whimsical, the ridiculous & the happy spirit of this celebration.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Comments elsewhere & replies.

Kay I do love your delicate Autumn stitching.Silk always gives such a beautiful look.
Congrats on being able to keep up.I'm a complete failure with
timed finishes
Barb .
Top of Form

Thanks Honeybee, for your comments on my blog. I started with patchwork fabric, then went to my thread collection & found the thread to match almost, which has been in my stash for 10 years + .

Thanks Barb, I didn't get a very good photo of the piece however, it is delicate colours, so difficult to show in it's true hues.

Catch up ODW stitching

These are the September & October One day Challenge stitching pieces. I was behind with September & still behind as far as completing as items. September & October were rather busy months.

This is September's, not correct for this part of the world,  however Autumn is my most favourite time of the year in in my home town of Sydney, Australia. This design is stitched on off white 32ct linen, with Steph Francis braided silk, in  pale greens muted to yellows, mauves, lavenders, to pinks & greys. It is a free design from Le Point De Croix. I added the hearts & substituted the word  Autumn, for Fall to fit the design for me along with the fact, that is what I call the season, as an Australian.

The October one is a Halloween freebie from The Primitive Hare, also with a couple of extra, Halloween images of a cat & a bat. I omitted the border.
  I'm thinking that the Halloween one may need to have the border  from the chart added, before it is made into an item.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Generous Mail Delivery.

Can you guess my surprise when I opened a parcel delivered today?

To my delight, it was filled with lovely gifts from my Christmas Ornament Exchange partner. The contents revealed not only the exchange ornament, also wonderful surprises.

A very sweet snowman ornament, beautifully stitched & made, with two tiny buttons added to the decoration. A tiny white snowflake & a heart. A treasure to be added to my hand stitched ornament collection.
                                                       Isn't this just adorable? I just love it.
                                   On the back, finished with complementary themed, snowflake fabric.

A lovely Christmas themed hand towel, two beautiful scented soaps, a Raspberry Zinger along with The Great Pumpkin, both making the room smell, delicious. 

A small display pillow ornament, for me to add a cross stitched piece,  a beautiful, handcrafted, Snowman card and a very generous cross stitch gift card.


Thank you Mariann for your kindness & generosity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Christmas Ornament Exchange.

The wonderful organizer of the Christmas Ornament  Exchange, to which I've  belonged for several years, has let me know my parcel has arrived to my partner.  The photo below is of my gift parcel, which included the stitched ornament, another tree ornament  & a block of Salted Caramel Lindt Chocolate.

                                       This is the personalization label for the stitched ornament.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Ornament has Landed.

                    My ornament to my Halloween Exchange partner has arrived, so the photo is below.
The parcel included Halloween Napkins, which I forgot to photograph, along with a witches hat, thread holder, made by my very dear Husband. I'm pleased to say, Jeri loved all three items, here is what she wrote.

Hi Kay,

I was speechless when the mailman came just now.  I absolutely love your gifts.  I'm starting a new Halloween ornament so certainly be using the thread holder.  The napkins will be used as decoration only - too pretty to use.  Not only is the ornament gorgeous, but also personalized.  What a wonderful finishing touch!!  Your stitched items are all above the ordinary and serve as examples to the rest of us.  

Thank you, thank you.


Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Halloween Ornament Exchange, Received.

Imagine how delighted I was to receive my Halloween exchange mail yesterday afternoon. I have been sent two ornaments stitched by my exchange partner Jeri, for this year. First was a witch dressed in brilliant Halloween colours with a special brass, star decoration, on her hat.

Next was a perfect heart shape with ghost, Jack o lantern & a black cat. The decoration for this one was a brass pumpkin, with a very pretty beaded hanger..

                                        Jeri also sent me a special Halloween message on a card.

 I'm very grateful Jeri, for these beautifully stitched, treasured  ornaments, to add to my Halloween ornament collection. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Another Arrival.

I've news tonight that the third gift arrived safely. It seems the gift was the perfect colouring & very much appreciated, by my very dear friend. Enjoy.
The accompanying wee rack.
Here is what my friend wrote,

Dear Kay,

, I was just so touched by the beautiful quilt you made me.  I remembered the colours were lemon/yellow and pinks when you showed me the quilt at Margaret and Ken's and I really loved them.  Kay, so generous of you to use your time to make that for me and the beautiful embroidery such a beautiful finish.
Just on your Sublime Pastimes and my quilt and stand looked beautiful.  Mine is also where I can see it everyday.  Am so thrilled every time I look at it.
You made the glasses case look so good.  You are so neat with the binding.

Love to you both.