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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friendships' Gift.

True friendship is a gift in itself. One grows from the wisdom & sharing this kind of relationship adds, to life's journey. In the mail this week, came another kind of gift, made by a very dear & treasured friend. As you can see, it is an exquisite, wee, tulip purse, in beautiful blue french/tea fabrics.  It is ever so sweet, I'm thrilled to have received such a  gift. Thank you, dear Margaret.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

We had a very pleasant, New Years' Eve dinner party, seeing the old year out & the new year in with special friends. Our guests arrived with unexpected, gifts of wonderful wines, specialty chocolates, tamarillo chutney and an arrangement of beautiful flowers.  Our company was delightful & all enjoyed the dinner of Bruschetta as entre, Middle Eastern lamb with pomegranate, jacket potatoes & green salad as mains, with berry hazelnut  torte for dessert.
We waited excitedly for the firework display scheduled for midnight at the harbour, which unbeknown to us, had been cancelled because of the wind.  We all thought it was a perfect night from our vantage point and luckily were  able to enjoy the small fireworks across the village from many private homes. After much repartee, our friends departed around 1:00 am. We toddled off to bed feeling extremely uplifted & ready for the New Year.

I hope you all had very pleasant welcomes for the New Year, from where ever you may be reading this post.
I wish you a very happy year ahead, with much time in your chosen pastimes. I look forward to reading of all your wonderful creative achievements along with the other information you share on your blog.

This dahlia, 20 cm across, was from a friends garden, bringing memories of my late Grandfather who grew prize winning specimens.

Seeing these are photos about flowers, here is a shot of the Agapanthus I picked from my garden early New Years' Eve, morning.