Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hello again,

Seems I haven't been here for such a very long time.

Over the last 2 years, life has been very confronting, presenting several challenges. Sadly some, one never wants to experience ever again.

. Moving countries, to return home to Australia, was an ambivalent experience at the time..  "There's no place like Home" is so true for me, however leaving loved ones, friends, special encounters and locations behind,  required some acceptance.  Selling our home,in New Zealand was somewhat distressing.

Several urgent  factors determined our new location in New South Wales.. However, this location has turned out to be very pleasant, apart from the high humidity of summer. Some of the many beaches along the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, are  truly beautiful.

Horse Shoe Bay
South West Rocks NSW

                             Parking at Tacking Point Lighthouse, looking to Lighthouse Beach .

               Looking South to Laurieton, with the three mounds of Big Brother, Middle Brother                    and Little Brother, just visible in the distance

Tacking point Lighthouse.

                                         Looking North at Port Macquarie Harbour Entrance.

                                    Lake Cathie entrance, to the South (pronounced Lake Cat Eye).

Our lovely back garden, is filled with Palms, Frangipani , Cycads,  Buxus hedging, as well as a great, flat,  Buffalo lawn.  It is a blank canvas, since removing the many Agaves Yukas and others, not wanted.   There is much to do, now the weather is cool enough for gardening outdoors.  

To the left.

                                                                        To the right.

We espaliered  five  citrus trees along the eastern fence just after we moved in last year, in May.  They were laden with small fruit soon after,  which we removed, to strengthen the trees. We have since harvested a number of blood red Grapefruit.

 In spring  two climbing roses were planted, one on each pillar at the front entrance. These have now grown to reach up to the next floor. They grow very quickly, love the northerly aspect and have prolific blooms with an exquisite fragrance.

My stitching has been a non event of late. I've not been able to concentrate on counting threads and stitching over one, on a special project, that was meant to be finished by November last year. After a   large quilting luncheon, down the coast last week, I was inspired to look at my abandoned,  current patchwork project. Hopefully I will remain enthused, to keep working on this quilt.
Photos next time.