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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Past & Recent Completed Items.

             Here is a wee pin cushion freebie, completed  in 2012, followed by the completed scarf mentioned previously.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wipe Out.

Earlier this week  I managed to wipe out all the blogs I love to visit. By the time I realized my error it was too late to rectify the situation. I had been removing those blog addresses, that no longer seemed to be active. Next time I'll need to take more care as I slowly add my list, over the next little while. K.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Poppies for Anzac Day.

As promised, a couple more Poppies, one beautiful one from my exchange partner  Barb, below.
Thank you Barb, I wore it with pride.

Next another one that I made for my own collection. This one is very plain. Another is waiting in the wings for when I can locate the other items, to make it as I had envisioned.

It has been a busy stitching month with the Anzac Ornament exchange & another, monthly One Day Ornament  Challenge. Here is my one day stitch,  a two sided  baggage label, yet to be made into the tag I'd imagined.

' That will happen when I find the correct transparent holder, in which it can be displayed to keep it clean, 
 to be used as a thread holder.  Some years ago I purchased the set of baggage tag, stitched, patterns, from
The Needle's Content. This month's challenge allowed me to start making those tags, this is their "May Floss Tag.

I also stitched two other small pieces one with real wings, a freebie from The Little Stitcher, called Bluebird,

while the next one, has petal wings  & also is a freebie from The Little Stitcher.
They do need to be made up into small ornament pieces, sometime soon.

 I also knitted up a scarf,  from two years ago, which I had knitted twice before. I started on a circular needle which caused me a great deal of frustration so it was undone. Next I knitted it with too many stitches. That too, was undone. This time it is done & won't be undone. It is just waiting to be stitched together, then a photo to follow, so it can be used this winter.

  Thanks for dropping by,

Re-orientating Photos.

I've been trying to work out how to re orientate two of the photos from a previous post, to no avail. I've decided to start right back at the photo storage, where I had more success. Here they are once more, re-orientated for easier viewing. They were from a Monthly Ornament Challenge, I joined back in 2013.

Much better to see them the correct way around. Enjoy.