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Saturday, June 9, 2012

While quilting earlier this morning, I looked up from my stitching to see the TS Esmeralda leaving Wellington harbour. Unfortunately the photos I captured, were hardly visible owing to the murky weather conditions. this picture via Fairfax NZ.  Part of the departing fanfare, included a Port Nicholson, bright orange, tug, with the accompanying cascade of water from the fire boat,. It made a rather splendid scene. The sun appeared minutes after the barquentine  rounded the point, out of view.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm trying to honour my endeavour to post more frequently,  less than a month is progress.
Life has just taken over for now, although I'm still able to manage some quilting. We've had bitterly cold weather for the last couple of days, with rain & gales, a great time to be indoors stitching. As much as I like cooler weather, this current climate is a tad too cool.
I've had a quick look at a couple of blogs this morning, both new to me and very interesting. Perhaps you might like to investigate them for yourself. I'm obviously not doing the link correctly, so here is the information as best I can give right now, first one is ..happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.... the second is the ...freebiegallery.blogspot.. hope you are can find them from that meagre information. Enjoy. K.