Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Progress on Hexagons.

Work is continuing on sections of the background hexagons. I have decided to add more fabrics than I used in the centre pane, drawing these from my stash. I always enjoy this part of the quilt proceedure. Fondling fabrics takes much time, before a final selection is reached.

Last week was the first week of school holidays and yet again, it was raining and miserable. We took the boys up the coast, for lunch. When we were returning home we were rear ended. A driver behind, was rubbernecking, and missed seeing the traffic in front had stopped. My car has a badly damaged hatch door, requiring repairs. We are currently waiting on spare parts so it is booked in for next week. We will be on Shank's pony for two weeks. Outdoor escapades will only be local or, within the public transport destinations. Hopefully I will be able to stitch up a storm in those two weeks.

I love the rain and the cold weather, but with rain since the 19th of May & only glimpses of sunshine, even my tolerance levels are somewhat stretched. However, there are delights to be found in the gloom. I felt blessed to be able to look out the windows over the weekend, as I sat stitching, to see the beauty of the snowcapped Rimutakas in the distance, beyond the harbour. I hope you can share my delight with this photo.


  1. Oh Kay this is a wondeful view...Thanks for posting...noting like a pic to understand beauty.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Loved looking at yours. I especially loved the pic of your Christmas festive!

    Can't wait to visit often...I love looking at stitching and quilting! happy stitching...