Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wet Weather Stitching and Planning.

The wet weather continues as I stitch more on my hexagon quilt. Guess it is the right kind of weather for sitting indoors and stitching on this project. Here is progress so far, with the proposed look of how the centre will eventually be surrounded by the background of hexagons.

I decided to re-arrange the previous group of hexagons, so they needed to be reverse stitched :) :). They are now together in a different sequence, as I work across and down in sections. I am happier about this method, it is still a mammoth task, although rythmic and enjoyable.

I have a couple of stitched gifts to complete, which have been languishing in my "to do" pile, while I try to select the correct finishing threads and fabrics. I have a square to do for our local Guild birthday celebrations, and it needs to be completed in less than two weeks.

I have done very little cross stitching of late, although I have three new small charts from gifts. They await my attention, after the current one is completed.

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