Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Winter Coat.

A new winter coat it will be!

While in the city on Wednesday I selected a pattern for a coat. I also noticed a rather lovely cream fabric. IMHO, it seemed just the right sort of thing for the coat pattern I had chosen. No rash decisions. Instead, I came home viewed the instructions, phoned the store and asked about the quality and the
self pattern contrast within the weave of the fabric. After some contemplation, I returned to the store today and purchased a tad more than stipulated on the pattern envelope. I checked out lining, although one was of a similar colour, I decided more thought was needed. The plan is to have the coat completed before this winter ends. Progress photos will keep me inspired, once it is cut out and under way.

I have made some headway with the hexagons, the top left hand corner will be together, by bed time this evening. A photograph tomorrow, for an update. Over the weekend I will need to replenish my store of cardboard hexagons, so much cutting needs to be done before I can cover the next group. The right hand corner, seems to be the next logical section to accomplish.

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