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Monday, May 22, 2017

Completed Patchwork Blocks.

                  These  blocks are recent completions from "The Splendid Sampler" quilt project.

 The embroidery has provided many relaxing hours over the last couple of months. I've enjoyed catching up on these, with colour choices, to match the existing blocks from  the quilt.

 An Hawiian style block

and one more for now. This one to make me both proud & Homesick



  1. Oh, I love your embroidered quilt blocks! They're so old-fashioned looking and nostalgic. I'm sorry you're homesick--I sympathize. I am, too.

  2. Thank you Honeybee. I need to add a block with a flower from my home state, New South Wales, Australia. I wonder where that idea came from? LOL. It would be a wonderful Waratah, Brilliant red colours with grey green foliage. I do have an embroidery pattern, I need to find one in cross stitch, perhaps. :)

  3. Aren't those beautiful!! The colors in the first two remind me of the embroidery I used to do back in the early 70s when I first fell in love with stitching :)

  4. Hi kay,

    I have just been peeking at your blog.

    Now that's a great start for my day.
    Your satin stitching is wonderful and those bright colours just pop..No wonder my little friends are there that block so much ..Lots of hours but well worth every minute.

    I love the other as well Hand made is a lovely novelty.Love the heart I see chain stitch there on the shape looks great anyway.
    Your Hawaiian block is striking I do envy your colour sense.....Is that one needle turned....very time consuming also and a great finish.

    Isn't it funny how you and I are back to the very beginning almost with surface stitches and loving every minute of it.

    Wonderful work Kay my talented friend
    keep up the good work