Friday, August 27, 2010

Hiatus in Stocking Stitching.

Do you ever find yourself in a similar situation?

After finding my miscalculation, and doing the reverse stitching required to remedy the problem, I was looking at where so much progress had once appeared, when I had a sudden realisation. :(:(
I had carefully gridded the Floba, as usual and somewhere in my enthusiasm to get on with the project, I had turned the fabric upside down/inside out to start stitching. Unfortunately, for me, I noticed there would not be enough fabric for the toe of the stocking. I seemed to loose my mojo for this piece immediately. With twenty four hours hindsight, I have decided to start on another piece of fabric and undo the original at another time, for future use. Luckily I have a spare piece of Floba or two.
Considering I was all the way down to the completion of the wee sheep's head, the removal of that, along with half the shepherd's robe and head gear, took over an hour. There is much frogging still to do, as you can see. So far today all I have managed, is to remove some of the gridding threads.


  1. Ouch - sorry to hear about the frogging! But hopefully starting on another piece fabric will bring the desire to stitch it right on back!

  2. What a pain! Hope you can see the way clear in your restart