Tuesday, August 17, 2010

174 and counting..

Here is a photo of the latest 174 hexagons, although not all attached in one piece.
Others have been covered and await placement at a later date.

I thought the underside was also interesting enough to share a photo.

Cross stitching has been neglected since pursuing the hexagon quilt. I'm feeling the need to stitch something more manageable, in hand, at the moment.

I 've joined a regular, wonderful, Christmas Ornament Exchange, once again this year. Something I 've done & enjoyed for several years. Being part of that exchange has made it possible to meet with other wonderful stitchers from many different locations. I also joined, a Halloween Ornament Exchange, last week. These two very pleasant commitments, will provide a welcome distraction from the hexagons for a very short period. If I am still feeling the need for a smaller stitching project, one of my WIP's will suffice.

No start has been made on the planned coat, although I did buy a selection of interesting buttons,. Which one to use, is a further choice, when the coat is completed. Hopefully this project can be under way soon. I still have lining and specific interfacing to locate. When the car is returned there are several fabric places yet to investigate. The last weeks, without the convenience of my car, has made me truly grateful for my own wheels.

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