Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stitching Progress.

The top right hand corner of the quilt went together last week and I am rather pleased with the result. Because I use manila folders as templates, = 220gsm thickness, my fingers were a tad tender. I have taken a short break from covering & stitching the hexagons together in sections.
I need to take a better photo of this stage of the quilt, until then, stitching related objects. Above, a small selection of some of my thimble collection.
Although not stitching related this is a favourite, pretty, small dish. It was an engagement present, many moons ago, from a dear friend.
As mentioned before, I resumed work on a WIP, a SB Christmas stocking. I plan on moving at a steady pace this week and next, so photo updates will appear as progress happens.:):)

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