Friday, August 20, 2010

Wheels Again.

Does n't look too bad...........However when the bumper bar was removed

it was more serious. The insurance assessor estimated the car behind was doing 45-50klms when she ploughed into our stationery vehicle. I'm glad it is a strong wee beast. We were lucky the spare wheel & tyre absorbed the impact, with two little chaps in the back seat.

Early this afternoon we received the call we have been waiting on, for 6 weeks. My little chariot is restored to look like new. Wow! never thought I would appreciate the convenience of my wee car, so much. We insisted on new spare parts, so guess that is why it took so long.
Yesterday, I had reached the plimsoll line. Bussing & returning to the supermarket, climbing the hill from the bus stop, the fifty stair climb up the mountainside loaded to the eyeballs with shopping & collapsing in the front door in a heap, had lost its' appeal. The whole rigmarole was never really appealing to start with. LOL. If the car had not been ready this afternoon, we had resolved to look at buying a second vehicle over the weekend. It is the first time we have not had an alternative vehicle, in nearly 100 years. LOL.
Not that another rear ender is required, however collective opinion thinks it is time for DH to acquire his own vehicle, in the not too distant future.

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