Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Attempt at Fabric dyeing.

With the horror of an earthquake in this country over the weekend, I did n't think about taking or posting photos. Yesterday, while playing Mah-Jong, we were interrupted after afternoon tea, with a quake of 4.1 a few kilometres off the coast. A very scary feeling for someone who is used to stable ground under foot, at home. I really feel for the folk in Christchurch, who have endured such trauma over the last four days, with constant after shakes.

I 've been dyeing cross stitching fabric this morning and as a first attempt, I am rather pleased with the result. Not quite as patterned as I had hoped, however the colour is exactly what I had envisioned. I am so enthused, I sought the popular drinking crystals, I have read about, to try their effect. I had hoped to try several colours, (flavours), to have a great selection of pretty coloured fabrics to add to my stash. Unfortunately, that particular product is not available here, so with limited variety available, I could only purchase two flavours/ colours locally. I will try those in the next few days to see what I can produce.

I have a couple of cross stitch exchanges to get together at the moment. One to post in the next couple of days & the other to put together later this month for postage. Photos of those after they have been received by my exchange partners.
I resumed covering & constructing hexagons sections last Thursday evening. They have been added to the quilt to have it completed to half way, on the RH side. It will be exciting to reach the half way point on both sides. Last week I returned to one of my stitching groups, after missing it for several weeks. We meet usually once a fortnight or, three weeks. It was great to return & enjoy all the current projects. It is my turn to host this group on Friday week, so by then, I hope to have the LH side, also completed to the half way point.


  1. That is good to hear that all is well despite the earthquake that you had over the weekend. I too have been dying my fabric since the summer, it looks really great! I look forward to seeing the exchanges that you have sent out when the respectful owners get their packages!