Friday, September 17, 2010

Today was my turn to host stitching. Although only a small group, it is always pleasant to share times with other stitchers. Surprise, surprise! I did manage to cover more hexagons as we sat and chattered, watching the weather close in with lightening and several loud claps of thunder. The front passed over very quickly, it did drop the temperature rapidly and we are in for a nasty weekend, weather wise. Great for stitching IMHO.
Before everyone arrived, I managed to prepare a casserole for dinner, for the slow cooker. The delicious aroma wafted from the kitchen during the afternoon, making for a comforting meal, on this very cold Spring evening.
Earlier this week, we had a very sick cat. She did not respond after the first day at the vets, but seemed to be better on the following day. We brought her home and she was rather subdued & very clingy. Next morning she seemed to be worse, so back to the vet we went. The vet admitted her again and she was re hydrated & given a nausea shot to last for three days. We brought her home last night & she is back to normal, thankfully. After all the blood tests, urine analysis, kidney function and white cell count, there does not seem to be anything of concern. Even pancreatitis was eliminated. This happened two years ago at the same time of the year, so perhaps it is an allergic reaction to a spring flowering plant. The vet does not know what caused the problem, however she was very thorough.
Although not a photo of our Holly, the picture above depicts a beautiful cat, amongst the flowers. This is a wall plate given to me, because I am a cat lover, as a birthday gift some years ago.


  1. Glad to hear your cat is doing much better, do you think your cat may have allergies? My one cat has allergies and this summer that just ended his allergies have been haywire with all the sneezing and stuffy nose. Now that it is fall he is so much better, like me he does not do well with summer and spring. That is good that you made major progress on your quilt hopefully you can get more done over the weekend!

  2. I've not been around much lately however, I think you could be right Kay. This same sort of thing happened 2 years ago at the start of Spring. It is very unpleasant for her, and a worry for us, also. Perhaps there is a plant close by that really upsets her, while I am am happy to say a few weeks later she is truly back to her self.