Monday, September 13, 2010

Something Else, For Which To Be Thankful.

This is the latest progress photo on my hexagon quilt top. The RH corner is finished. Yeah!!
As it comes together, with each segment, the feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding. Everything else seems to be on hold, when I get involved in this stitching. I love the rythym of piecing it together with tiny stitches, after chosing which coloured hexagon goes where, and sorting them with the other colour strands. When I need to stitch and have no inclination for thinking methodically, covering the hexagons is also rewarding. It requirs no major effort, as I watch the collection increase. I do appreciate being able to indulge in such a pleasant pastime.
As you can see I am well past the 1/4 done, almost to the half way point for the quilt top. I hope you can share in my delight, as it grows to completeion.
Keep checking as I am sure I will construct a further segment this weekend, although the two boys are about to arrive from school, I may not get allot done until tomorrow afternoon.


  1. This is so wonderfully beautiful! It really is going to be magnificent when done!

  2. Your quilt is coming together beautifully, Kay! I can't imagine how much time that must take to piece all those little hexagons together (of course, since I am not a quilter--it would take me years and years to figure out a nice layout!!). It really is gorgeous :)

  3. Thank you Carol for stopping by to comment about the quilt. I am sure you could quilt as beautifully as you stitch, from what I have seen of your work. Would you believe, this quilt has been coming together since 2001? It has lived in the closet for much of the time. The hexagons are approximately 2" both around the main features and the background multiples.