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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Cuddly Companion While Stitching a WIP.

I decided to do a tad more work on my cross stitched, commemorative piece, this afternoon. This is the piece I am doing in memory of my very dear, late, Mother. Another languishing WIP I haven't touched since March. While I sat enjoying the view of the harbour I soaked up the sunshine protected from the blustery wind outdoors. It reached around 120klms, ph last evening although it's not so bad today, so far. My companion Holly, was not averse to joining me in the warm glow of the sun through the bay window. Since she returned from her stay at the vet hospital for 4 days, she is keeping tabs on me & has changed allegiance. DH is no longer 'numero uno,' well, for the present anyway. I can hear her yowling at the moment, LOL, she must have realised she is now alone in the other room. :).
If you look closely at the photo, you can see the shaved area of her upperarm, where she was attached to the life giving, re hydrating, drip. That, along with the expertise of our wonderful veterninarian, are things for which I remain extremely grateful this week.


  1. Awww...poor little Holly--I do hope she is back to her old self in no time! She is so pretty...

    And what a view you have, Kay! I'm not sure if I would get any work done--I would be too busy gazing out the window all day :)

  2. Thank you Carol, Holly seems to have recovered. She was very vocal, when breakfast was not appearing fast enough :)this morning.
    Yes the view is quite compelling. I often miss valuable stitching time, just gazing. I sometimes, only sometimes of late, think it is worth the 50 step climb up to the home, from the street.