Monday, September 20, 2010

Hexagons, Prior to Placement.

Here are the lose, covered, templates, ready to be selected for a permanent spot in the quilt. I really enjoy this placement part, as I chose which one goes where, then maybe move it to another place, next to a diferent colour choice.

I've noticed that the photos of my hexagon quilt may look a tad odd, to non patchworkers. So incase you are wondering, the paper templates are still retained within each hexagon, until it is all stitched together, in this particular application. When the top is completed, I will remove each template, before adding the batting, the backing fabric, then tacking all three layers together, before I begin the hand quilting.

So some are stitched for the outer edge then, the blocks of coloured hexagons go together to connect it all together.


  1. Kay, I'm not a quilter, but I do enjoy seeing other people's quilt projects. This one looks like it will be very pretty when finished!

  2. Thanks Karen, I am enjoying the construction of this one, although repetitive, quite different to the other quilts I have made.
    I am past half way, so will update soon with another photo. It is making me very keen to have the top completed before Christmas, then the quilting.