Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Re-doing a Couple of Splendid Sampler Blocks.

I had been contemplating a different fabric choices for a couple of blocks I completed some time ago. Each time I looked at the blocks I knew I was not happy with the way they looked. I've now redone the parts I wasn't happy with and
also made a different applique piece  for the clover block, as I couldn't find the original one. When I find the original one, I'll have two different versions of that block, when the quilt goes together.

So firstly, from this as it was, with a special stripe from some fabric of my late Mothers' that was not cotton, I know she would understand,

to this cotton ticking stripe of sturdier fabric.

 The second block, from this

                                                                             to this.         

The second clover block, this one is applique, while the original is a pieced block.