Friday, October 6, 2017

A Very Different Halloween Ornament Exchange for 2017. :).

I stitched the ornament for my exchange partner a couple of weeks ago. Last week I received a parcel from a generous stitcher who was not my partner, however, she also had my name as her partner. I had no idea that I was her partner.  Confused? Yes, we two were.  I tried to clarify the situation with both my original partner and the organizer. It was further confusion  after I emailed partner #1, a week ago, I am still waiting for  a reply. :)  One can only surmise partner # 1 withdrew from the exchange  and I wasn't notified. Luckily I had not mailed out her parcel, however, my ornaments are personalised and they can't be re-gifted without pulling them apart, as you can see by the reverse side of that ornament, below.

I included a piece of hand dyed, Belfast, opalescent fabric and a couple of other small items not shown.

Now below,  are the two wonderful ornaments I received from partner #2 Theresa.

Can you see the clever hair, it is three dimensional  and so pretty. It reminded me of a small quilt I made some years ago, with dimensional hair on two of the wee dolls featured on that piece.

Theresa generously included a small zippered pouch and three packets of fabulous, Halloween coloured threads. Something greatly appreciated as they are very hard to locate where I live.  Thank you so much Theresa,  for  a wonderful Halloween exchange.

 I managed to get two different ornaments ready to mail to Theresa today. The ornaments chosen will be revealed when I hear, that they have arrived. Meanwhile these are the reverse sides of both ornaments. Enjoy.

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