Friday, October 13, 2017

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I received two very pretty ornaments from my 2017 exchange partner. The camera is flat so will post the photo as soon as it is charged. I was so thrilled when they arrived.  Life had taken over for me and mine had not been sent by that time. It is a wee while until Christmas, so I decided to keep them where I can see and enjoy them for extra time, before Christmas.
My exchange partner has received my ornament, so I can show it now, Thank you Sue for your very kind comments.
Wow the ornament arrived!

HI Kay
Your amazing ornament arrived today..
I just love it 
You do such amazing cross stitch and I love your back too

thanks for being my partner
p.s  love the needle threaders too... always need those 


  1. That ornament looks so delicate and beautiful! Your exchange partner must be thrilled.

  2. I love this pretty blue ornament, Kay--so soft and delicate looking. You did a beautiful job on your exchange :)