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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

While still in "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

With Christmas 2016 a fading memory, one looks at the photographs to remember special times.

The Christmas break up for a couple of the stitching groups I belong to, were celebrated with either a Secret Santa at a luncheon or, with a small  Christmas item for each member of the group. For the Secret Santa group I made this Santa ornament below,can be found here

What I need to add is, the link is in Italian, however if you sew you can follow the video & work out how to make the Santa. I also reduced the size of the centre starting block to 2", then continued with the specified 1" strips to build the Log Cabin block. One log cabin block will render two Santa s. Enjoy.

 I usually include another small gift for everyone who attends the lunch. This year I made small individual name tags for their scissors & added two needle threaders, in a  Christmas paper envelope. Here they are all wrapped & ready for  the group. The other group received a lovely sparkling tree decoration & two needle threaders

  Earlier, at a November GTG, another member was stitching a wee fox. I immediately  thought of someone I knew who adored foxes, so I asked if I could use the pattern. That person had been great, in helping me acquire a few special beads from a site where she is located.  I stitched the wee fox ornament, posted it to her & it arrived in time for Christmas. I also included a scissors name tag & two needle threaders.

 For Christmas 2016 I was unable to ice the Christmas cake. It makes up to be a very heavy cake, so I gave it a red & white striped skirt, wrapping it around the cake while it was on the milk glass stand.. I added a sprig of real Holly leaves from our garden, red berries & tiny silver fir trees. It tasted great & we didn't miss the sugar hit, of the icing. The cake is guaranteed to turn out evenly cooked, from the recipe & it is cooked in a wooden cake pan. It has always turned out even, every time I've used this recipe.
The aroma, which was strong & delightful, woke the cat. She  was  very  keen to sample the cake so we meanly, removed it from her access.

This year it was necessary for us to be still at Christmas. We had a rather delicious  meal of roast vegetables, along with  ham & turkey trimmings . It was a coolish day so we enjoyed the hot traditional
feast while our guest in the room, slept on. Obviously the aromas from the ham & turkey, were not as appealing as the cake.


It is getting very close to the time to take down the decorations, for this time of of celebrating. Two more days & the house will look really bare for a short time, until we adjust to the  lack of decorations. With a New Year 3 day in, it is time to look ahead.


  1. What a gorgeous post! Your Santa ornament is just darling, and your tea table looks so inviting... wish I could have joined you! ;O) I love seeing the pictures of your kitty--what is her name?

    1. Thank you Honeybee for your kind & generous comments. Hope you can make the Santa, I forgot to mention the link is in Italian, However if you sew you can follow the video, What I did was reduce the centre square to 2" & build the log cabin from there with1" strips. Otherwise it was a giant Santa. The recipient was thrilled & used it a top a wine bottle on the Christmas dinner table.

    2. I forgot to answer, the kitty's name is Holly. She is 17 years & 3 months old, is missing her companion, Chloe, who we lost at Christmas, a year ago. She likes to be with us when we are around these days.

  2. I love the Santa you made and your Christmas day looks just lovely. Holly is adorable--I so miss having a kitty around the house, but my son and his girlfriend are getting one so, perhaps, I can "cat-sit" now and then!

    Wishing you every happiness in 2017!

    1. Thank you Carol, I do hope your son & Girlfriend get a kitty for you to cat sit & enjoy