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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Childhood, New Year's Memories

A friend sent this email, New Years' Greeting  of a you tube  rendition of Auld Lang Syne .
It brought back wonderful childhood memories.

My Mother's youngest sister, had a  pottery tankard/mug, with a music box in the base,  & the words od a couple of verses of Auld Lang Syne printed onto one side. I loved to play with it at my Aunt's home as a child. I might add, my aunt is only 15 years older than I am,  so she probably had a profound influence on me growing up. I can still see that huge mug/tankard with the calico coloured pottery, the greenery & purple thistle flowers decorating the handle & sides. I 'd spend  hours picking it up to hear the music box chiming through the song.  I knew the song well, as New Year was special in my family & is Summertime in the Southern Hemisphere. 
  My  Maternal Grandparents had a lake house where extended family & friends would gather over Christmas, New Year & school holiday times. They were Halcyon days, swimming, exploring, boating, reading & playing. On New Years Eve, it was usually sunny & hot.  As the children swam & played, the adults prepared for a wonderful celebratory feast, that evening. While my Grandmother  and aunts prepared sweets & salads, the men prepared a suckling pig for the barbecue. My Grandfather would then walk the lakeside estate & invite everyone to join our hospitality from 7pm that evening. There would be a a huge log fire burning in the outdoors & folk would gather  & enjoy the spirit of the evening. As the midnight  hour drew near, everyone would assemble in a large circle with arms crossed, hands held  & at the stroke of midnight, all would burst into song  with Auld Lang Syne. 
  I hadn't heard this song or seen such renditions in many years. This year, along with the email mentioned above, we also saw Auld Lang Syne on the Last Night of the Proms, thus bringing back all those wonderful memories. 

Here is an identical mug, enjoy with me.

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