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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Wonderful Memory for Today, January 11th.

I'm very grateful today as I contemplate my late Wonderful Mother. This was the date she celebrated her birthday. Had she still been with us, today would have been her 92nd. I have her to thank for so many aspects of my life.  Today I'm reminded of our many outings to patchwork & needlework stores. Some were some distance away & we would make a day of it, checking several in the area, stopping for lunch, at nurseries, pottery stores,  then visiting more before returning home.
Today I went shopping at a couple of  local Patchwork stores, so had my Mother well in mind. These were my purchases, from some of my Christmas gift money. From the first shop, a couple of rulers & a piece of striped fabric. I know my Mother would have loved the fabric also,  she always encouraged me in my patchwork interests.

The second  fabric pieces are accompanied by a wee wooden ruler, a cat of course.

  A couple of decades ago, my Mother presented me with a hand embroidered apron, which she had made for me, she had also finished the hem & pocket with a crochet edge.

I know my Mother was instrumental in a major way, for my interests in the varied pursuits of Needlework. My Mother,  as well as my maternal Grandmother, were exquisite needlewomen. One would think it only natural for me to follow in their footsteps.  However, my own daughters do not appear to share these interests. Mine include embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork & quilting, dressmaking,  & tapestry to mention a few. Mending & darning fail to inspire me, although at some stages, I  need  to address boring stitching. When I was a child, I  watched my Mother embroidering, what was then called "Fancy Work." I remember several pieces, which are still around today, although not very fashionable. Tablecloths, of different sizes, a couple of special ones, sandwich tray cloths, throw overs &  Duchess sets to mention a few.

Dressmaking was a pursuit I relished. If a Vogue pattern could not be found to suit what I decided I wanted to make, my Mother would draft a pattern for what I had drawn & described.  When I was 12,  Mother made a beautiful patchwork quilt with cotton piecing on one side & pure wool fabric pieces on the backing. It remained in our family until a few years before my Mother died, when it was lost.

 An apron of my Mothers, a special one for Christmas.

Many Happy Returns to my very dear Mother. today.

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  1. That apron is gorgeous! My Grandmother and mother were instrumental in my becoming a needleworker, too. What a valuable legacy we have. And I love that little cat ruler--so cute!