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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Last of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

How bare the tree looks today as it is being undressed & dismantled.. I don't enjoy this time as I take each decoration down from the branches.
I'm reminded of the link it has to Christmases from times past.  The wonderful baubles, some really old ones belonged to my Maternal Grandmother, now safely in my care. I remember those from my childhood. Others  that were my Mothers'. A vast collection also, of ones our children made when they were small,  special pieces as gifts from friends, our collection over our married life, along with a special dowel tree  devoted to hand made & stitched ornaments, some from friends & some from other stitchers.
The sitting room now looks every so naked, devoid of all the wonderful  pieces that have enhanced this room & our home over the Christmas celebration.

The  absent tree,  pack away in the loft, leaves a bare tree skirt, which will also be stored away until it is needed  for Christmas 2017.   It has graced one of our trees every year, since 1985.


  1. We just packed away our tree yesterday, too--always a sad time... Your tree skirt is so pretty! I've never even had one--I just use fluffy white towels to resemble snow because that is what my mom always did :)

    1. Thank you Carol, I like the fluffy white towels to resemble snow. What a good idea. One day I'd love to have a 'White Christmas," a new experience for Christmas in my part of the world.:)Kay