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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Stressful Couple of Days.

As  mentioned in my profile, we are owned  by two Chocolate Point, Burmese, felines.

They have been part of our family for 15 + years. We brought them with us from home, when we came to live in New Zealand. In less than a week one was missing for over five days. She was in a good condition at the time & only eight years old. When she returned, she had naturally lost some weight & had what we thought was grease down here back. We thought she may have been locked in a garage & under a car, at that time. Below is a recent photo of Holly. We have been told & agree, she is a very pretty looking cat.

 One morning earlier this week, we awoke to find no Holly.That is very unlike her as she is always keen to eat, sit on a lap & wants to be part of whatever is happening. She is a very nervous & very cautious of  new folk.   She does seem to suffer some separation anxiety, when we are out for a day or, when DH is not around.  We searched the property, the street, and called for her during the day. DH was not too worried & suggested she would be back the following morning. Not so!
I was very unhappy all day. One does not think one is so attached.  We circulated our neighbourhood mail boxes early the next day, with missing cat information. As we sat down to dinner there was a call to say a cat was under a home, further along the street. The caller said she would not come out  & had gone further under when approached. DH  immediately went to the home returning an hour later without the cat. The plan was to let her settle, leave some food, then call us again if she appeared  closer to the door. An hour later we had a call. Both of us went out in the pouring rain & wind, took the cat carrier & fresh meat from home in her own dish. When she heard our voices she cautiously moved out of the shadows, to eat familiar food in her dish. DH  made a quick grab & we had her in our arms.I might add she had that same black  grease? marking only more along her head, shoulders & back. It was soot! I had one of those "ah ha" moments.
Hopefully she won't be missing again, although I will know where to look in the first instance, if she does.
A quick trip to the vet for re-hydration & she was back to herself. She has stayed very close to us over the last couple of days. I'm so grateful she is back home.

Perhaps you can see some of the soot in the photo below, she does look a tad bedraggled. K.


  1. What a relief to have your dear kitty home where she belongs :)

  2. That had to have been upsetting, glad she is back home!

  3. What a worry for you, Hope Holly settles and doesn't leave again. Love the hexagons your doing.