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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Quilt Exhibition.

I visited a quilt exhibition the weekend before last. This was the Stonestead 7th Annual Festival, an event  which I always enjoy. This time was no different, with many different quilts to view, in the picturesque outdoor setting.

 It was a tad windy, keeping it somewhat cooler than  at other times. Behind this line of quilts were the items below. They were three dimensional, some clothing type designs, which featured copper mesh with fabric, laces & other trims.

                   These were very cleverly put together, although more than likely, never to be worn. I'm ever thankful for such shared creativity.

The quilts were displayed on lines in another area. All the different styles & colours making brilliant patterns in the wind. It is no secret I'm very much a lover of patchwork quilts. I love to see what other quilters have accomplished & I'm very grateful to be able to enjoy their work at such exhibitions.

A hexagon star quilt & below, a Christmas Tree Skirt.


  Below are a few photos of a Dear Jane Quilt, one of my particular favourite designs.

I'm told this quilt took 4 + years  to complete. What a wonderful quilt, congratulations to the maker.


 I hope you have enjoyed these photos even if you are not a quilter, until next time,


  1. I"m not a quilter, but have always found them beautiful and fascinating! Thanks for sharing everyone's creativity today :)


    1. Your stitching is wonderful, I view it in awe! I'm so slow at cross stitch, patchwork seems to give a faster result.
      Aren't we lucky to have such avenues for our creativity. K.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am in awe of those wonderfully stitched quilts. Such talented people to make such lovely creations!