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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas is Approaching


Christmas gifts are being sorted & wrapped for loved ones, friends & helpers. I made these coat hangers recently for a very dear friend, along with a jar of shortbread. Shortbread, although usually a New Year's  gift, for us it has been a traditional family gift for decades, from our home to others at this time of the year.

The tree is up & decorated & our home is dressed ready for this wonderful time of the year. I found this year my small ornament tree could not handle one more personally made & hand stitched ornament. My very Dear Husband made me a lovely new wooden dowel tree, especially for these much loved treasures. It is  looking resplendent with all the wonderful pieces I've collected over many Christmases. He wants to "tweek" it for next year, however I'm enjoying it for now. Some gifts are still to be sorted along with a little more baking to complete. Five and a half days to go, so I'm sure all will be ready before the big day.

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  1. Those hangers are adorable! Shortbread in a jar? Could you share pics/recipe?