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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year.

I've made a great start on some patchwork for New Year. I also spent some time fondling fabric from my stash and deciding on several pieces to use in a few different projects.
This morning we've woken to the news of three more shakes for Christchurch. I do feel for the folk who are living through this constant upheaval of Mother Nature. I 'm made of strong stuff although I know I couldn't handle this kind of uncertainty under my feet.
We have a site called Geo net where we can see where the earthquake happened, the depth & the magnitude. These shake recordings below show the latest activity over the last 24 hour period, some 19 or so events. The map shows where the larger shake today was felt from the top of the North Island to Dunedin in the South Island.


  1. Sounds like you've got some goals for 2012. Good luck with those!

    Happy New Year, Kay :)

  2. I hope all is well. Mother nature can be unkind at times. I hope you have a nice New Year filled with lots of love, happiness, good health and some stitchy fun as well.

  3. Wow - I hope all these earthquakes are done soon..will pray for all of these people caught in the middle of them.
    And Happy New Year to you!