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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Fare

We had a very pleasant Christmas lunch. The meal was delicious, weather perfect, the children enjoyed themselves and everyone appeared to have a great time together. We started with Paradise soup, made with tomatoes, cucumber, with other delicious ingredients, someone else's recipe, served chilled for the warm day. The children were first to the table while the adults hovered in other parts of the dining room. I made the cake above as part of our contribution to lunch & forgot to photograph it before delivery. Looks like it met something at the front. The boys were keen to eat the reindeers, however as they were paper cut outs on tooth picks, they lost interest.

Our dining room has had a delicious aroma since the Christmas Cake has been completed & awaiting taste testing & ultimate demolition. I made two this year, one as a gift & both iced as the icing is much appreciated by those who enjoy the cake. Nothing grand just amateur decorating, with ribbon & paper cut outs on tooth picks, works for us in this festive time.

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  1. Those cakes look yummy! Glad to hear your holiday was a nice one with your family!