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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fifth day of the new year.

It's hard to reconcile we are already at the fifth day of the New Year. Time seems to be flying by so rapidly. Today is the day to dismantle the Christmas tree & decorations around the house. I really love our home dressed for this time of the year. When it is all packed away the house looks a tad bare.

We are supposed to be in Summer season in this part of the world, however, one could hardly call the last five days "summer," as I know it to be. It is so cool, lambs wool slippers & warm tops are the order of the day. The skies are overcast & the dreaded Northerly is blasting us with nasty gusts.

I am about to make up a delicious soup, to take to folk who are moving house today. Relocating can be an exhausting exercise so homemade soup might be a great help come the end of the day.


  1. I always think it is sad to see the holiday stuff to have to go away for another year. Stay warm, I am sure the weather your way will warm up soon!

  2. That is really sweet of you to take the neighbors soup. I wish I had neighbors like that :)