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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Progress for the cake.

As mentioned earlier, I cooked the cake in a wooden cake container. This is it & when purchased there is a recipe included. I did change it, adding from my MIL's own trusted wedding cake recipe, some of her ingredients. I must say the cake appears to have cooked evenly, as specified by the makers.

I decided on a coloured icing for the cake and did not realise how much effort it would take to change the icing from pure white, to such a deep bright colour. It took several hours to mix in the correct shade and as time went on, I thought I would need to go for more supplies. In the end I decided it was dark enough & looked fine.

I still needed to do the rest of the decorative pieces for the cake. Although simple, quite time consuming, with the colour for those, turning out to be rather insipid. Time is escaping, especially when of all weeks DH has decided to stay around the home. With the rest of the silver to clean, along with setting up the table, I am hoping to get it done on the next occasion he leaves the house. He thinks this will be an intimate dinner party with only four of us celebrating.
Ho Hum!

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