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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cake Baking.

Well the cake has cooled & rested & is covered with the almond paste.So far DH is co-operating and has promised not to peek at progress. Not that progress, at this stage, is anything spectacular, just the basics & I 'm no professional cake decorator. Every time I've made him a birthday cake in the past, he has been at work during the day, while I worked on the project. I would hide it carefully before he came home. This time, it is somewhat difficult as I need to snatch the times he is not at home, to work on all the preparation. He has suggested he peep at my blog, as I take the progress photos, to find out what is a foot. He may not be suspicious but does have a very inquiring mind, once he picks up a scent, of anything not following normal family happenings. More photos & words after the event.

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