Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time for a new Post.

I 've made some headway over the last six weeks, making more gifts & completing small stitched items. A few appear below.

Some were gifts, another stitched for Valentines' Day not featured here, along with one or two from a while back. Others are kitted ready to start very soon and a couple of patchwork sleeping beauties, have been moved up the 'to do' list.

I had six days at home alone, while DH went to Sydney for a dinner reunion with old friends. I chose not to travel with him this trip, as we both leave for a visit home in the next week. I am so looking forward to visiting family and friends, after what seems to me, such a long time away.

Wellington has finally had brilliant summer days. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as Wellington harbour vistas, on a glorious day. The temps reached 26C one day, hot enough up here on the ridge, to turn on the airconditioning. As soon as the sun disappears over the mountain behind our home, the temperature drops, with evenings cool enough to allow one to sleep comfortably. Something for which I am eternally grateful, after Sydney summers.

The photo below, although before Christmas when it was quite cool, is of a brilliant sunny day from our sitting room window. It looks over Wellington up to the Rimutaka Mountain Ranges at the other end of the harbour. In winter time these mountains are often snow capped.

Last weekend I travelled up the coast, about 60 klms from town to visit a patchwork shop. I purchased a small piece of fabric some time ago and when I phoned to check last week, was lucky enough to find it was still available. It's a great piece of fabric to pick up the kitchen wall colour. I plan to use it as a cover on a notice board, in the adjoining family room. I need to find the correct coloured pins and grosgrain ribbon, to complete this project.

A couple of weekends ago, it was time for the annual hedge trim. On such a steep block, it requires great care, working in tight spaces, from the top level down to the street.

This is looking up to the first level of three, above the rear of the house.

The Shasta daisies have been prolific, so thinning, deadheading & pruning figured in the trimming exercise. This morning, I noticed the last of the Agapanthus, about to bloom. They have been spectacular with their abundant flower heads, in very deep blue, pale blue stripes and a few white ones through the garden plots. The Japanese windflowers are now blooming, looking tall and elegant lining the path and the courtyard, a reminder we have moved into Autumn.


  1. I like to travel to new place which you have.


  2. Thanks for the comment David.
    We still have so much more to see of New Zealand's beautiful scenery.
    We moved the chandeliers from where they were, in the sitting and dining rooms, when we purchased the home. We brought our 1920's ones, from Australia.
    This is all new to me so hope I don't delete any other comments, as I get the hang of how it all works. :) K.