Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A dinner reunionwith with a six day turnaround & some stitched completions.

Six days at home alone while DH travelled to Sydney for a dinner with old friends, proved to be too long for me. I missed him so much. It is many years since he has been away for any length of time. I chose not to travel this time as we are both going back home, for a visit, in a just over a week. I am looking forward to seeing dear Family and Friends and enjoying once again, all the delights of home, I hold so dear.

I have had plenty of time to sort through many photo completions. Those shared here are in no particular order.
A Victorian Sewing Box, made in a Winter Soltice course last year. It was a delightful class with such wonderful instruction from both tutors. It was a great thrill to leave with a completed item. It is approximately 8 x 8cm square & 9cm high. A great time was had by all who participated.

During last year I joined a stitching exchange with fellow stitchers from home. The idea being to make a stitched cup cake and include a cup cake recipe, for your stitching partner. You are given her colour and theme choices, and you are at liberty to add to that, whatever you please. I decided on a rose in the appropriate colours and added a small piece of pale green fabric, a recipe printed on pink rose paper, along with a needle minder and assorted threads in colours of choice.
My cupcake from my partner was a pansy. An extrememly astute choice as pansies are a particular favourite & have featured in my garden every Autumn . Amongst my gift parcel was a cup cake recipe book & a hand made note card. It was made by my partner depicting a delicious looking cup cake. Thank you Bronwyn, you are very clever.
Below is a Noahs' Ark Sampler. Another one I adapted to include features from both sides of the Tasman. I chose to add some of our extra special animals and birds from both countries, needing to chart them from drawings I had made. I was frustrated at times, trying to chart them to fit with the other animals on the original chart. I loved stitching this, in the end it turned out well & Josh appeared to be thrilled.

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