Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After visiting the Surgeon on Friday morning, Joshua's toe was healing well enough to have the cast removed. He took it all in his stride, no pun intended, and was bright and bubbly, only letting the nurse know it was painful when she squeezed the toe in question. I gave him the choice of returning to school or coming home to stay for the afternoon, he chose the latter. He did not have his shoe with him for that foot, so he needed to be out of harm's way in anycase. It needs to be protected and no swimming until the surgeon reviews it again in two weeks.

Yesterday I worked on repairing embroidery on an Easter Rabbit patchwork wall hanging, some of the silk thread had worked loose. Another of my Sleeping beauties from what seems like, 100 years ago. When I pulled it out of the 'to do' pile on Sunday, I decided it would be finished and used for this Easter. Another to add to my completions, and about time.

Today I started the quilting although not my preferred method, working on it for about 2.5-3 hours. I have had enough of sitting over the machine so about an hour in the morning will see it ready to bind, attach a sleeve and a label, yet to be made. How I wish I could dispense with all my Sleeping Beauties so quickly.

I had a plaintive call from Nicholas this evening asking could I mend a favourite top that was needing attention. The story is, his Mother, DD#1, saw that the zipper was broken and decided to cut it up for the rag bag. I gather young Nicholas was shattered. Bless his wee heart he believes I can resurrect the item. If that proves to be an impossible task, even for a stitching Mama, I have suggested I could recycle it into part of a quilt or cushion. We all live in hope.

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