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Monday, August 14, 2017

Eye Candy.

A few weeks ago I placed 50 of my completed Splendid Sampler  blocks on our dining room table to see how the colours balance.  I do have 60 + blocks completed, several under way, several prepared  and placed in individual, small,  clear, bags, ready to construct.  We have a large table which can be increased to seat 20, however it does require the  heavy inserts to be lifted into place with another person, for that extended size.  I didn't do so as I was alone and 50 blocks filled the available space to be photographed.  I didn't realize I had moved this photo and a couple of others to my desktop. In the meantime,  I couldn't find the lead to download photos to my computer,  it is filed so carefully it is still  avoiding detection. :(

The other direction.

This is intended as a scrap quilt. I'm cautiously using the black background fabric, with the black  and white white stripe background fabric and the plain off white. I also planned on using other varied colours as back ground here and there, depending on what scrap fabric I have available. I feel that scraps don't seem to diminish, instead, they appear to have their own ability to multiply.

This one below is called Lina's Gift, from April last year. I'm slowly going through my files of half done blocks, getting them completed & moved from the "to do" list. I love the fabrics in this block and don't know why I left it so long to finish  the last side piece.

This one is Love Peace and Joy, from mid December last year. It too, had been waiting for the right time to be embroidered. As my very last embroidery block I kept it for a portable situation. I have loved stitching the embroidered blocks and was very sad when this one was done. My favourite patchwork is still applique, with embroidery ranking up there also, with that technique.

 I had the  one below prepared to this stage, when I placed the outer borders around the centre, it was almost a 12 " block. I knew it had to be trimmed down, even so, I was not happy with the fabrics. When I checked what I'd originally chosen, I knew that I had prepared the wrong pieces. It now looks how I had expected,  I need to find the lead for another update. Enjoy.


  1. That is going to be such a bright, cheerful quilt. How many blocks will there be in total?

    1. hello Honeybee, Thank you for your kind comment.
      Yes, you're right, it does seem to be bright & cheerful & I'm enjoying it so much. There were 100 blocks, two a week from February 2016 to February 2017. We also received 20 Bonus blocks, to use or not over the course of the year. The second round started a couple of months ago, this time from the recently published book, The Splendid Sampler. It continues to be a wonderful experience for me.

  2. What a lots of interesting blocks! They will make a very unique quilt.
    Thank you for visiting my blog :-) Unfortunately I am not able to answer your comment directly, as your email is not linked to your profile. Also, I don't usually re-visit my own comments, as this becomes very time consuming; so if you reply to my comment here, I will not see it.

  3. Oh, how wonderful to see them all together, Kay! Each one is so different and unique. I do love the birds in your latest block--so adorable :)

    (And I must say--I am envious that you have a table to fit 20 guests!! :)