Sunday, July 16, 2017

Patchwork Progress.

 I've been busy re- doing  TSS blocks from early last year, when the journey started. Some I'd attempted  a few times, with the hand piecing method I'd learnt, a few decades ago. I just couldn't get them right, so filed them in the "to do," folder. Last week, I decided it was time to get them completed & miraculously, this time, they went together at the first attempt without a hitch. So here are the four blocks.

The second series of The Splendid Sampler started recently so I have been trying to follow along.   This time, I'm trying to complete the specified blocks for each week, that I did not manage to do, the first time around. Here is last week's block, which I very much  enjoyed planning the fabrics & putting together. This block is called Circle of Friendship.

I've already chosen & cut out my fabrics for this week's block,called "Homeward Bound,"
 then I will return to more of those still waiting  in the to do folder. Enjoy, K.


  1. Kay it must be a good feeling to get more TSS blocks finished. I love seeing them on your blog as you are so talented with colour .


  2. Those are so pretty, Kay! I love the Circle of Friendship one--it looks a bit complicated to me, but then again, I know nothing about quilting :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hello Carol,
      I didn't think it was complicated, although I did need to make the pieces accurate, otherwise they would not fit in the allocated space. I traced the pattern shape on the back of each fabric choice, then proceeded to stitch each one to the next coloured piece. I really enjoyed making this block, probably also because I love playing with colour & a challenge. :) Kay.