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Friday, June 30, 2017

June Stitching & ODW

June has been a busy month for stitching, I've  managed to complete three items and start another couple.  The theme for June for the ODW was "Celebration."  One could stitch anything  that one celebrated.  A birthday, a symbol for a birthday,as in your month,  flower,  stone, or anything that you celebrate, what so ever.  June is a birthday celebration month for our family, so this small cross stitch piece  was my first choice. It is a freebie from La-D-Da-, yet to be made into a small item.

                 I also made a cushion cover to include in this themed stitch, celebrating music.

                                           A close up of a William Shakespeare quote.

         The fabric has been in my collection for some time so it seemed perfect for this project.

           I also completed a Splendid Sampler block titled "Love." There is much to celebrate in this block.  Music, colour,  patchwork & a rose all very worthwhile celebratory themes.
 Enjoy. Kay.


  1. That is a cute little "celebrate" stitch. You were so creative with your cushion cover. I absolutely love it! --Andrea

  2. Kay I love your music pillow. Sure a celebration .

  3. You do such beautiful and creative work.

  4. I love the way you finished your music pillow, Kay! A great way to showcase that pretty fabric. And your Celebrate stitching is so cute, too! Hope all of your family birthdays in June were fun :)

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  6. Thank you all for your generous comments, they are much appreciated. It is always great to have a stitching goal, beter when there is more than one, K.