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Friday, December 14, 2012

One More Ornament.

Today I completed an ornament I"d  offered to do, when  a fellow stitcher requested an ornament from Australia or New Zealand. As an Australian, resident in New Zealand, I guessed I could fulfill that request, either way.. I had planned to stitch an Australian icon, a flowering native known as a Christmas Bell, with perhaps some Christmas Bush flowers, also an iconic Australian, Christmas flowering, native. With such short time I was unable to find such a chart. I thought perhaps a New Zealand Pohutakawa, such a beautiful blossoming native tree would be ideal. Likewise, I was unable to find a ready made design. I'll have to design my own examples for next year. This is the ornament I stitched, which is happily for me, now on it's way to Italy..


The second photo shows a very special Australian treat included in the parcel.


  1. What a lovely ornament ,nice and bright for. The Christmas tree
    Your friend in Italy will be. Pleased to. Receive it.

  2. Oh, your friend will be delighted with that adorable ornament!! And the little goodie you included is sure to please :)

  3. You Santa has run at the other part of the world and arrived here in Italy...
    Thank you so much for This precious gift I will hang it on my Tree next Christmas
    Meanwhile I tasted your sweet thought the Cherrie Ripe...delicious!
    I hope we will exchange again some other Ornament in future
    Thank you so much Kay