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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Decorated Bus Shelter & A Late Night Visitor.

Our Local bus shelter made the television news this week.
It is on the main route to the city, from our area & beyond. We are 1.5 klms  from the CBD, just 2 minutes on a bad traffic day.
Unknown folk decided to put a sofa in the bus shelter, which had been undergoing renovations, after the council removed the normal wooden slat seat, some weeks ago. From there it grew, a  light fitting, a bookcase, cushions, pictures on the wall, pot plant, rugs & because it was Christmas week, a decorated Christmas tree. Then a television set..

DH, photographed it on  Christmas Eve. No one had taken anything,  it seemed to be the pride of the suburb.

As of today, 29/12, it is still intact. Interestingly enough, the day after it was featured on the news programme , the council were there completing guttering & down pipes.

Two nights ago we could hear a soft thud outside the back door. I thought it was the wind. DH turned on the light & went to the door, only to see this wee creature nibbling on a lamb shank, we had earlier given to the cat.  I'm intrigued, as an Australian, we don't see hedgehogs in our country.  Echidnas are what we have in Australia & usually one does not see them in the city suburbs.  I'm used to reading about hedgehogs from childhood nursery rhymes, so you can see why I was so interested. 
The hedgehog seems to be rather shy & it moved into the shadows, when we moved into the light from behind the glass door. 

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  1. What a fabulous makeover for the bus shelter--some one sure had fun!!

    And I've never seen a hedgehog either--they do remind me of children's books :)